NU-X Lacerate Boost NFB-2

* True Bypass / Buffer Bypass
* 2 types of boost options (Clean & Crank)
* Dual FET Circuit Design for the most tube-like tone in a transistor design

Clean Boost
In the Clean mode, Lacerate only boosts the signal, increasing the volume without any sound colorization. For this reason, Lacerate is one of the cleanest ”clean boost” pedals available.

Crank Boost
If you want fat , harmonically rich boost tone, just hold down the foot-switch (1 second) to engage the 2nd stage which adds your overdrive tone. Most boost pedals will only yield about + 20dB maximum, but Lacerate`s Crank mode gives you a whopping + 35dB . From average to huge!

539 kr

Finns hos leverantör, leveranstid 1-3 dagar


En transparent boostpedal med inbyggd buffer och ”voltage doubler” för extra dynamik. Med ett knapptryck får du tillgång till helt ren boost. Hålls knappen ner går pedalen in i ”crank boost” som innebär extra gain.

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