ART Zdirect Passiv DI-box

Frequency Response: 10Hz -50kHz, +/-.5dB @ +4dBu
Total Harmonic Distortion: .01% Typical @ 1kHz, +18dBu, <.05% @ 100Hz, +18dBu
Input Connections: _ – inch TRS unbalanced, 50k Ω
Output Connections: XLR male balanced, 600 Ω
Output Phase: Switchable, Normal/Invert
Ground Lift: Switchable, fully isolates inputs from chassis and output
Input Attenuation: Switchable, (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
Filter Type / Response: Switchable, Low Pass, -3dB @30kHz
Dimensions: 1.75″H x 4.2″D x 3.5″W (44.5mm x 107mm x 89mm)
Weight: 0.75 lbs (0.35 kg)

399 kr

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•Fully passive, high performance transformer design. No battery required.
•Converts 50k ohm inputs into 600 ohm balanced outputs
•Switchable input attenuation (0, -20, -40 dB) Switchable low pass filter
•Switchable phase invert
•Switchable ground lift (fully isolates inputs from chassis and outputs)
•XLR connectors for balanced outputs
•Rugged extruded aluminum case

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